Tristin Mays in “House Party” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Tristin Mays in House Party

(9:00 PM EST, Fuse TV)

We’re going to start seeing holiday programming taking over our prime time hours–which isn’t too bad, if it keeps giving the See Her Tonight column things like Kristen Bell guesting on Lady Gaga & the Muppets’ Holiday Spectactular. Also, it inspired this humble column to get away from the usual sources and find the occasional great lost moment like Tristin Mays starring in House Party: Tonight’s The Night. We don’t really know what to expect from this made-for-cable teen sex comedy. We’re not even sure if we should go along with the notion that it’s a remake of the 1990 Kid ‘n Play classic.

We are, however, positive that there’ll be a party in your pants after you check out Tristin Mays. You might have first seen her as a kiddie actress on the Nickelodeon series Gullah Gullah Island, but now she has us going goo-goo over her work as a grown-up. We should be grateful that Tristin Mays is still working as an actress, too. The brainy babe could be busy concentrating on her work in fashion design. Fortunately, Tristin still takes the time to go in front of the cameras. (You can keep up with her via Twitter, of course.)

It was kind of startling to recently see her showing up in a small role on HBO’s The Newsroom. (See Her Tonight is still grateful to The Newsroom for Riley Voelkel and Chasty Ballesteros.)  Tristan also deserves a bigger role than she’s getting in the upcoming Kaley Cuoco comedy The Wedding Ringer. Tristin has a major role in House Party, though, and that’s reason enough to tune in–although these sexy pics will give you a few more good reasons…

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