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Ryan Seacrest’s New Girlfriend Shayna Terese Taylor: Physically Fit and Not Shy With Selfies


Ryan Seacrest has a new girlfriend! And you won’t believe this, guys, but Shayna Taylor is a beautiful babe who just happens to be heavily involved in promoting herself! Now, that’s bad news for self-respecting entertainment journalists who want to kill themselves every time they’re reduced to writing about the love life of Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Ryan Seacrest. Not that we have any idea of what we’re trying to imply there. We’ve certainly felt comfortable covering gals who’ve dated Seacrest, including Julianne Hough and Sophie Monk.

The important thing is that Shayna Taylor is very good news for guys who want to wrap up 2013 with a hot new babe to ogle. We should probably really be calling her Shayna Terese Taylor, by the way. That’s the full billing for the fitness trainer who certainly seems fit enough to keep up with the average COED editor. Actually, we doubt that the average COED editor would be able to survive a few minutes of a typical Shayna session, but we’d die happy. Ryan Seacrest’s new special friend has a fabulously built bod that still won’t frighten off guys who worry about being attracted to bodybuilders.

Shayna has been showing off that bod via Tumblr, too–where she promotes Shayna Terese Fitness. Now we understand how Tumblr stock managed to get so valuable. Check out these pics below for some very impressive results. The kind of results that got Ryan Seacrest to say, “I must date that absolutely beautiful specimen of womanhood!” Or maybe his publicist though that. What’s important is that Ryan Seacrest has shared Shayna with the world–and we’re pretty sure that we’re getting Shayna without Ryan taking advantage of her too much…

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