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2014 Redline Lady Panthers Bikini Calendar Shoot BTS [PHOTOS]


The worst thing about the shortened 2012 National Hockey League season was getting locked out of the Redline Lady Panthers. They’re easily the best dance team working in the NHL circuit. Their amazing moves have plenty of NHL fans fantasizing about getting locked in with these ladies. Fortunately,we’re already into 2013 as the next year that fans of the Florida Panthers have been waiting for–and that includes an amazing new Lady Panthers calendar.

The actual Florida Panthers team is getting a lot of attention for what’s shaping up as a comeback year. The Lady Panthers never went away as one of the NHL’s top draws. There aren’t many dance teams that can pack a calendar with as much action as these gals–as you’ll see with these amazing pics from the 2014 Redline¬†Lady Panthers Swimsuit Calendar. We’ll admit that the Lady Panthers have an unfair advantage by being in, you know, Florida. They get a lot more time to practice looking perfectly comfortable in some stunning swimwear. We’re still thinking that most NHL fans know that there’s not a lot of competition when it comes to the Lady Panthers.

We’re thinking that the Lady Panthers are the gals most likely to get rabid hockey fans to give up their allegiances for a 2014 spent with some Florida rivals. They sure have a nationwide following via Twitter¬†and Facebook. You don’t have to be a hockey fan to find yourself cheering for these ladies right here–or to own a calendar for yourself…

Order the 2014 Redline Lady Panthers Bikini Calendar Here!

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