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16 Knockout GIFs That Are More Fun Than Sharkeisha [GALLERY]


So we’ve all made it through Thanksgiving and its accompanying hot viral trend of the Sharkeisha Beatdown Video. That whole affair was a reminder that the internet is full of horrible things that can leave us all with mixed emotions. Was it a fun thing to watch? Or just the cheapening of a really sad event that shouldn’t have been so eagerly shared?

We dunno. We just know that we couldn’t get too excited over what looked like a bad bullying incident that featured a real sucker punch. We couldn’t even bring ourselves to complain when Instagram banned the video–which, of course, only helped to make the video go even more viral. The whole thing would lead to the Sharkeisha in question–who  already has a criminal record–to brag on her Twitter that she’s becoming an Internet superstar, despite the fact that she could face a very serious assault charge. If this woman gets a book deal out of this, our faith in humanity will be forever lost.

Anyway, we still think that some knockout videos are pretty great. Specifically, knockouts where the person in question is really asking for it. We don’t mean “asking for it” in the sense of being a COED editor walking down the street at 3 am, either. We mean knockout punches where all the parties involved have a reasonable expectation of taking a really hard hit. So let’s cleanse our palates from this Sharkeisha thing and enjoy some knockouts where we don’t have to ponder our societal responsibility. Check out this fine gallery, and know that it’s perfectly okay to have a good laugh. Some of these guys may have even been comforted by Arianny Celeste, or even some gorgeous Russian ring gals

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