Today in American History: Paul “Bear” Bryant Became College’s Winningest Coach Today

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We can’t have Thanksgiving without football–so here’s some inspiring video as we celebrate Paul “Bear” Bryant’s historic win in 1981! Yes, this Thanksgiving is the anniversary of Coach Bryant’s historic victory over rival Auburn University, as the beloved University of Alabama coach led his Crimson Tide to victory–in what was Bryant’s 315th win. That set the record for the most wins ever by a college coach.

Plenty of football fans insist to this day that Bryant was the best coach in the history of college football. You’ll hear that even from people who aren’t from Alabama. Paul “Bear” Bryant was plenty inspiring in real life, too. He retired in 1982. An inquiring reporter asked Bryant what his next move was, and got this response: “Probably croak in a week.”

Actually, it took four weeks before Bryant suddenly died of a heart attack on January 26th, 1983. There’s a man who knew himself. Anyway, here’s some inspiring video from Paul “Bear” Bryant. It’s the usual pep talk about how you have to give 100%, except Bryant skips that hoary cliche for something a lot more interesting–and true, so you kids better pay attention. This fine advice applies to football, business, and the determination to finish that last piece of pumpkin pie. Check it out…

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