November 28, 2013: Give Thanks On What Should Be Anna Nicole Smith’s 46th Birthday

Anna Nicole Smith would’ve been 46 years old today. We know that your Thanksgiving prayers will include thanks for sexy new models like the ladies of Miss COED, but let’s also take time to be grateful for our time with this amazingly buxom blonde. Kids today may not appreciate how impressive it was when the Texas gal–born Vickie Lynn Hogan–first busted onto the modeling scene back in the early ’90s. Models didn’t look that big or blonde, but Anna Nicole managed to change the face of fashion for a while.

A lot of credit should be given to Hugh Hefner, who put Anna Nicole Smith on the March, 1992 cover of Playboy. She was billed as Vickie Smith and looked amazingly retro. It still took a while for the modeling world to catch on to the trend. Fortunately, that retro look paid off big when Anna Nicole did a black-and-white photo shoot for GUESS jeans in 1993. Anna Nicole  was always in demand after that.

There was even a brief moment where Anna Nicole seemed amazingly hip. She made her film debut in the Coen Brothers’ screwball comedy The Hudsucker Proxy. She was also a lot of fun in 1994’s Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult. Unfortunately, Anna Nicole Smith went low-budget in a bid to become an action star in movies like To The Limit and Skyscraper.

That was around the time that she introduced Kanye West at the 1994 American Music Awards and seemed pretty damn high at the podium. Things went downhill from there. Anna Nicole Smith became a reality-show icon and kind of a joke before dying young on February 8, 2007. We only had Anna Nicole for a short period of time, but–as her birthday falls on Thanksgiving–let us give thanks for an amazing career full of immortal pics like these…

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