Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Give Thanks for 29 Pics for Her 29th Birthday

Running out of things to be thankful for? Mary Elizabeth Winstead is turning 29 years old this Thanksgiving, and we’re grateful that she looks set to go into her thirties as an enduring babe. Like most guys, we first discovered Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the lead of 2006’sof Final Destination 3–and thought she was the kind of hot young actress who’d never have to do horror again. Then we saw Mary Elizabeth leaping right into the sorority-stalker movie Black Christmas, and played a perky actress playing a perky cheerleader in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof segment from Grindhouse.

We suddenly hot a hot new genre star. Mary Elizabeth kept up the momentum, too. She did great work in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World–which counts as a fantasy film–and then fought an alien in the 2011 remake/reboot of The Thing. She even showed up as Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That was already enough for us to list her amongst our Favorite Scream Queens. We also had to notice that hot bod that landed Mary Elizabeth amongst our 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2011. (She’s held up just fine in 2012 and 2013, too.)

None of this would’ve surprised us if we’d known that Mary Elizabeth had already been in The Ring 2 and the short-lived werewolf series Wolf Lake–not to mention a short stint on the supernatural soap opera Passions. That all makes for a very impressive filmography for a gal that’s still in her twenties.

We don’t blame Mary Elizabeth for those last two Die Hard films, but we do kind of wish that the gal had more genre stuff in the works. She’s looking at more adult parts nowadays–and that’s fine with us, since we’re very thankful for these grown-up poses…

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