Have A Realistic Thanksgiving With 21 Demotivational Posters

So, how’s your Thanksgiving going? Pretty good? Yeah. We’re having fun here at the COED offices. We aren’t allowed to run the heater on holidays, but that’s okay. Novembers in NYC are always nice and balmy. Especially late in the month. We found ketchup packets in the back of a desk drawer, too, and have wrung some moisture out of a potted plant.

Yes, you could say that we’re feeling genuinely demotivated over Thanksgiving–and not because we’re worried about Thanksgiving being some kind of unofficial celebration of genocide, either. At least we’re not working in retail. And how about a big shout out to that Pizza Hut manager who resigned over having his restaurant open on Thanksgiving? We’re usually very pro-pizza, and we’ve certainly enjoyed a few Thanksgivings where we ordered in food, but that’s still a pretty respectable stance that the guy took for his employees.

Anyway, here are 21 Demotivational Posters that should give Thanksgiving a little perspective as you make it through the day. More power to you if you’re having a great time cooking up wild meals and enjoying the warmth of friends and family. These posters might still give you a lil’ old-fashioned chuckle, and maybe provide a cautionary warning about overeating. We know that we’re going to hold the line at three ketchup packets here. Gotta watch our girlish figures. Now enjoy watching some posters, and be thankful that you’re not us…

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