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Supermodel Shopping Catfight: Black Friday, Please Be Like This… [VIDEOS]


We know the internet is raving about Skarkeisha, but the true Catfight of the Year is a lot more exciting. Less sad, too, since we’ve been loving the “Supermodels On A Rampage” video made by Rampage–in which Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, and Tori Praver engage in an epic Black Friday catfight over Rampage shoes. Or purses. Or both. We kind of missed the commercial message here, but that’s because we’re against the crass corporate commercialization of catfights.

The important thing is that we have the original Rampage video, followed by the brand new blooper reel–with SFW footage of the occasional bared body parts that had to be left out of the original spot. Enjoy our fondest dreams of some Black Friday brawling…

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