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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Thanksgiving Day Disasters, The 3D iPhone & More [Links]


Thanksgiving Day Disasters

Americans consume roughly 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving. Many of them are not cooked properly, resulting in dry, undercooked, or burned birds. The gentlemen in the photo above are about to demonstrate how to properly cook a turkey, and assuming these guys aren’t just celebrating Halloween four weeks late, I’d say there is probably some pretty warm liquid in that receptacle. Head on over to Mandatory to see how this situation ended.

Here are some more awesome things that our intern forgot to publish before leaving town…

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Mike Tyson Tells Jimmy About How His Cocaine-Fueled Orgy Was Foiled By Cops [TMZ]


Did Vanilla Ice Curse The Texans’ Season With His Halftime Show? [Fox Sports]


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