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Luciana Faulhaber on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Luciana Faulhaber on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation isn’t promising sexy young actresses tonight–but you do get nearly all of the female cast members heading off to a spa and dressing down in spectacular fashion. There’s also the lovely Luciana Faulhaber looking deceptively drab as a small-town deputy. That’s not too surprising. Luciana Faulhaber is a big name to us as a comely chameleon who only occasionally looks like a striking fashion model. (CSI has been more predictable in trotting out See Her Tonight faves like Anne McDanielsElisabeth HarnoisSandra Vergara, and Ali Williams.)

Luciana is a beauty with brains, too. She originally came to New York City from her native Brazil with a scholarship to study Biology at Fordham University. We went to college to study biology, too, but not like that. Anyway, Luciana went to a performance of the rockin’ Broadway musical “Spring Awakening” and got awoken to her heart’s true desires.

Luciana stayed in school but headed out to L.A. for an acting career that’s worked out pretty well. She hit the big screen as one of the fake Mandarin’s very real party babes in Iron Man 3. We’re looking forward to her as a leading lady in the upcoming horror films Don’t Look and The Last Boat to Alcatraz. (You can follow her career via Twitter, of course.) Luciana’s also staying busy as a writer and producer–including some comedy shorts that show off Luciana as our kind of hot geeky gal. Now check out Luciana like you won’t be seeing her tonight…

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