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Happy Thanksgivukkah! Celebrate With the 27 Hottest Jewish Celebrities!


It’s the first Thanksgivukkah in our nation’s history–since the Jewish calendar presents an unusually early holiday that coincides with the national American holiday. Maybe the dates have collided before, but that was before America was around. The next time that we get a Thanksgivukkah is in 57 years, and who knows what’ll happen by then? This may be the one and only Thanksgivukkah in the history of the world.

Anyway, some COED staffers have already put together exciting dinner menus mixing turkey and latkes. The actual holiday of Hanukkah starts tonight at dusk, and then carries on for the usual seven more nights. There will be plenty of innovative celebrations. Meanwhile, your COED staff thinks it’s a fine time to celebrate some of the sexiest Jewesses around. Maybe that’s a little more predictable, but we like to think of it as a fine Hanukkah present.

Also, we guarantee that this is the only time that we’ll ever use the idea as a Thanksgivukkah celebration. But with gals like these, you still might want to check back in with us in about 57 years…

From left to right: Alicia Silverstone, Alison Brie, Alyson Hannigan

From left to right: Amanda Bynes, Bar Refaeli, Brooke Burke

From left to right: Caprice Bourret, Dianna Agron, Elizabeth Banks

From left to right: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Emmy Rossum, Esti Ginzburg

From left to right: Eva Green, Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie-Lynn Sigler

From left to right: Jennifer Connelly, Kat Dennings, Lizzy Caplan

From left to right: Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Nikki Reed

From left to right: Nikki Ziering, Rachel Bilson, Rashida Jones

From left to right: Sarah Silverman, Scarlett Johansson, Winona Ryder

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