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Susie Abromeit on “Supernatural” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Susie Abromeit on Supernatural

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural has sexy young actress Susie Ambromeit in a tale of multiple murders in a small town–where all of the victims are part of a church chastity group. It’s already murder to think of Susian Abromeit in a church chastity group. Not that your COED staff would really have a shot, but we’re also thinking of our fellow guys here sometimes. (That’s also why See Her Tonight shares when Supernatural wow’s us with gals like Charisma Carpenter, Felicia Day, Amanda Tapping, and Kacey Rohl.)

Anyway, Susie Ambromeit has gotten us thinking some impure thoughts. We first noticed the striking blonde in the underrated 2008 comedy Sex Drive. We thought that Susie was just another model moving into acting–but, in fact, it turns out that Susie is an athletic babe who played on the Duke University team. And did she graduate with honors from that prestigous institution? Yes, she did. Susie Ambromeit is no mere tennis bum–as you can see for yourself by following her Twitter account.

Susie is, however, an actress who’s been working steadily over the past several years. We’re not sure why she isn’t a bigger star. It’s entirely possible that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with a classically hot blonde babe who also has plenty of brains and dramatic skills. We hear Hollywood can get confused over that kind of thing. You won’t be confused over this gallery, though, which pretty much hits you over the head with plenty of Susie Ambromeit’s amazingly hot looks. We’re less subtle than your average actress/model/athlete/scholar…

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