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Prime Example To Why Drunken Footracing On The Street Is An Awful Idea [VIDEO]


Doing physical activities like this on the street should not be done if you haven’t participated in any sort of exercise in years. It really shouldn’t be attempted if you’re outright hammered. Only bad things are going to happen.

These two winners decided to take their talents to the streets after watching their Chicago Bears embarrassingly fall to the St. Louis Rams 42-21 on Sunday. The runners started out looking like Usain Bolt vs. Carl Lewis in their respective primes, but after about 3 or 4 strides tragedy struck. Who decided to put a metal sign directly on the track? Once he rehabs feeling back into all four of his limbs that man has a solid negligence lawsuit ready to go vs. the Windy City.

Also, is that the actual Chicago accent or the woman detective from Fargo voicing her concern in the background? Can it be both?

  • COED Writer