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Ohio State University Students Trample Fences For 2013 Mirror Lake Jump [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


Ohio State University students didn’t take their administration’s new rule about the traditional Mirror Lake Jump very lightly, as they decided to go forward with their annual pre-Michigan game ritual a day early. In the video above you can see OSU students rushing the fences, making Braveheart speeches, knocking said fences down, and then jumping into the water.

Every year before the famed Michigan vs. Ohio State University game, it’s tradition for OSU students to get drunk and jump in a freezing cold lake called “Mirror Lake.” The difference this year was that the administration had fenced the area off and was demanding that anyone wanting to take part in the ritual wear a wristband showing they were a student. They also retained the right to refuse access to anyone who was drunk. That jump was supposed to be tonight, on November 26th. The students had other plans.

Students started taking to social media to plan a protest jump and decided that the jump should occur a day early at 11:45 PM. Police were made aware of this and set up shop around 11 PM, completely surrounding the lake. But as one police officer has been quoted as saying, ““The crowds were just so big and so vocal, it was just too much.”

OSU students are hoping that a similar, overwhelming reaction will be had by Michigan this weekend.

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