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New Viral Campaign For ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Links To JFK Assassination [TRAILER]


History and comic book nerds alike, rejoice! Nothing like taking a fictional story about mutants and fixating it into real life events.

If this teaser trailer is accurate, and there’s no reason to believe why it isn’t, the upcoming superhero movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past will revolve someway around Magneto’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination. You can even delve deeper into the investigation with the interactive website featured in the video–that beingĀ

The X-Men series has slumped a little bit in its recent efforts, but the ship should be righted this time around as Bryan Singer once again sits in the director’s chair. That man can do no wrong. Well, with the exception of Superman Returns. Longest 14 hours of my life.

Safe to say this movie should be a surefire hit. If anything else, because the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence will be in bodypaint the entire time. Shut up and take my money…

  • COED Writer