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Miley Cyrus In Will.I.Am “Feelin’ Myself” Video: Sexy Pics TRON-Stylee


Miley Cyrus looked kind of demure on the red carpet of the American Music Awards–but now she’s back to her old tricks in the new video for’s “Feelin’ Myself!” In this case, of course, “tricks” refers to PVC fetish wear. We didn’t really enjoy the look of the flesh-covered ensemble that Miley choose for the MTV Music Awards, so we’re much happier to see the pop star trying out some basic black.

There are some other old tricks here, too. Miley is back to rapping about twerking and Molly. That’s a relief. We’ve been worrying that she was going to start maturing after hitting the ripe of age of 21 this past weekend. Miley seems determined to prove that she’s still as vital and edgy as she was a few months ago.

We’re not sure how edgy is nowadays, but at least Miley is also getting to hang out in the video with Frenchy Montana and Wiz Khalifa. As for the actual music–well, we only listened to Miley’s part of the song. Then we watched the rest of the video while listening to Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart.” That song works really well with this video–where, we’ll note, has Miley kind of pixelated like a video-game character.

That’s probably why the gals at CollegeCandy had to explain to us that Miley is wearing an actual Chanel coat in some scenes from the video. That’s all mature, right? Anyway, check out these stills, plus the actual video below which might get you feelin’…um, yourself…

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