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Katy Perry Santa Sighting: Okay, One Early Christmas We Don’t Mind [VIDEO]


Katy Perry sits on Santa Claus’ lap in this new commercial for her Killer Queen perfume. This makes us ¬†happy, even as we’re saddened that we can’t complain about early Christmas ads this close to Thanksgiving. Also, this short commercial doesn’t include a disclaimer that your girlfriend can put on Killer Queen perfume and still be your girlfriend, so there’s really no special reason for guys to buy it as a Christmas gift.

You’ll still want to see this commercial, though, if only to admire the actor who plays Santa. (We just had to assure the intern that it’s an actor playing Santa because the real Santa doesn’t have time to make commercials.) Check out Santa’s impressive acting as Katy sits in his lap and the guy still maintains eye contact. Okay, maybe it took a few takes for that to work. We still know that we would’ve been fired quickly from the job. Either that, or we would’ve developed an epic case of eyestrain from trying to ogle our wishful new friend.

Anyway, enjoy this commercial–especially if you’re into boots–and then enjoy this very useful gift of Katy Perry sideboob pics.¬†But watch the commercial first, because somebody spent a lot of money on it. Santa deserved some hazard pay…

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