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Dianna Agron: “GLEE” Gal From The Killers Video Is Sexier As a Girl


Dianna Agron gets dolled up in drag for the new Killers video for “Just Another Girl”–so we’re probably supposed to hack out a line about how the sexy young actress (and Glee starlet) surely isn’t just another girl in real life. Which is true, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like typing out the words.

Still, let’s go ahead and acknowledge that Dianna Agron has managed a fairly hip career–first getting our attention in two episodes of Veronica Mars before heading over to Heroes, and then landing in Glee as Quinn Fabray. Dianna’s actually been pretty smart to go back to being a recurring character on Glee, since the show never really knew what to do with her cheerleader character. (We certainly know what to do with gorgeous Glee guests like Vanessa Lengies, Becca Tobin, and Caitlin Carver.)

Besides, Dianna has plenty of outside projects as an artist, and her film career isn’t doing bad. She certainly seemed ready for the big screen when she showed up in the mob drama The Family, where she sure didn’t embarrass herself up against Robert De Niro. Dianna is also a very popular model, and stays busy with her You, Me & Charlie site–which covers everything from blogging to design.

That also reminds us that Dianna has an unfortunate habit of quoting herself so that we can all appreciate her deep thoughts. We wish that she could become a little less impressed with herself. We still can’t blame The Killers for bringing in Dianna as a hip presence for a reasonably hip video. And we’re certainly happy to give Dianna some attention with this gallery of her Top 40 sexiest poses…

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