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The Year in Celebrity Sideboob: 2013 [75 PHOTOS]


Celebrity sideboob was at an all-time-high in 2013 and provided us with some of our (and your) favorite posts this year. That’s good news because I’m convinced that besides sideboob-related goodness, I’m convincedĀ 2013 was probably the most boring year in terms of fun internet news.

See how “2013 Sideboob” compares to “2012 Sideboob

I mean, who can forget that time when Jennifer Lawrence stepped on the red carpet sporting small hair, but big sideboob? Considering that was only last week, hopefully not too many people.

Or how about Anne Hathaway demanding that people not talk to her or look at her, and then going out in her sexiest and most sideboob-revealing outfit ever?

Even Kate Winslett came out of the woodwork to get in on the single hottest 2013 trend.

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