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So ‘Family Guy’ Killed Off One Of Its Main Characters Last Night [VIDEOS]


Um, OK…didn’t exactly see this one coming. Especially from Family Guy, a show where a serious tone is never existent.

Brian–the Griffin family dog for the entire run of the series who talks, walks upright and drinks heavily–was killed off during last nights episode, thus ending his figurative 14-year-life. Which I guess would’ve made him 98 years old in dog years? Guy looks pretty fit for his golden years. But don’t worry, anxious Family Guy fans (if there are many of you out there left who still watch the new episodes): the show has already replaced the dead dog with a new talking pup voiced by The Sopranos actor Tony Sirico. A family instantly replacing a cherished pet that was a member of a family for over a decade to fill their emptiness as a whole? Probably the most realistic thing Family Guy has ever done.

Fox also has a fitting tribute video to fit with the canine’s death. This cartoon dog will probably get more real sympathy for passing than when I kick the bucket.

  • COED Writer