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November 25, 2013: 42 Pics For Christina Applegate’s 42nd Birthday


Christina Applegate turns 42 years old today–that being November 25th, 2013–and that will make some guys feel pretty old. That would be anyone old enough to remember Christina growing up into the first sex symbol of the fledgling FOX network back in the ’80s. We won’t argue with Peg Bundy’s sex appeal, but it was Christina Applegate’s body of work as Kelly Bundy that helped keep Married With Children on the air for ten full seasons.

FOX knew they had a hot property, too. Christina was one of the few early stars to get a big-screen push. The other was 21 Jump Street‘s Johnny Depp–which had a fine episode with Christina as a guest star. So did Family Ties. Christina’s fan base was still a lot more excited as she entered the ’90s as a fully-grown actress and sex symbol. Her film career got off to a stumbling start with the indie Streets, where she played a teen hooker terrorized by a psycho cop. Christina did a lot better in the multiplexes in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, where she played a high-school student faking her way as an adult in the fashion industry.

Christina’s talents had developed as well as her bod, and she’s never lacked for work in the wake of Married With Children. Her solo sitcoms have never really taken off, although Samantha Who? is legendary as a great show that got torpedoed by a writer’s strike. Christina’s film career also took a hit after her heavily-hyped comedy The Sweetest Thing bombed in 2002. Fortunately, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy came along to enhance Christina’s stardom. That’s a long career to lovingly look back on, and you can catch up with Christina here–with hot pics ranging from Kelly Bundy Power to Christina’s more adult looks…

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