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Man With World’s Largest Balls Filmed Hugging A Shark [VIDEO]


Figurative balls. I think.

This “holidaymaker”, as the YouTube description calls him, took the dive off the Pacific island of Bora Bora to hug the 8-ft Lemon shark. Because if you’re on vacation at a tropical paradise location, why not risk spending the rest of your holiday in the hospital recovering from a missing face. I am actually not surprised the shark didn’t attack him, but I am shocked the surprisingly docile fish didn’t take out the advance on the other snorkelers. This idiot might be tough, but he definitely put his fellow mates at risk with this little stunt.

Any who, if he had literal balls the size of the figurative ones he owns there’s no way those flotation devices would’ve allowed him to sink to the bottom. Or maybe they would be made out of cast iron or something and he wouldn’t be able to rise to the top? So many questions about fake testicles, so little time.

  • COED Writer