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Ariana Grande Stole The American Music Awards Last Night


Ariana Grande woke up famous this morning–and it’s always fun when a tacky ceremony like the American Music Awards introduces a hot new talent. Getting a spot on that kind of show isn’t any guarantee of fame, either. A lot of heavily-hyped acts have still fizzled out after a national showcase. Ariana Grande, however, seems to have instantly become a big name in America.

As usual, the overnight success took a lot of work. Don’t feel too bad for the 20-year-old ingenue, though. Plenty of kids will tell you that Ariana has been a star forever–or at least starting back in 2010, when she began playing a character on the sitcom Victorious. Ariana became very popular in her role as Kat Valentine, and has carried the character on to a spin-off show called Sam & Cat–which is also a spin-off from iCarly.

It’s complicated. All you really need to know is that Ariana Grande built a fan base by playing a spunky young teen, and that paid off when she released her debut album earlier this year. Yours Truly debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts, and her single “The Way” made it to the Top Ten.

We’re still talking about a fairly select audience–until Ariana took the stage last night and won over the crowd in a big way. She classed  up the American Music Awards with a swanky performance of “Tattooed Heart,” and Ariana’s torchy performance provided official notice that she’s all grown up and ready to take on the world. Which is nice, but we’d noticed she’d gotten all grown up over a year ago–and you’ll feel pretty damn grande after you check out these pics of American’s newest sweetheart…

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