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2013 American Music Awards: Sexiest Red Carpet Moments (and Some From the Stage)


The highlight of the 2013 American Music Awards on ABC last night? Well, we liked Taylor Swift trying to show off some sideboob in a fembot-styled miniskirt. (See more of Taylor’s sexiest pics here.) Also, Heidi Klum made up for dressing like an old woman on Halloween by showing off her classic beauty. (You won’t be let down by these Heidi handbras, either.) And those are just a few of the sexy musicians–and other types–who rocked the AMA red carpet.

Some ladies were on good behavior, though. Ke$ha showed some leg that we had to immortalize here–but you still might want to check out yesterday’s Top 42 of her sexiest pics. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry were fairly modest, too. That’s okay, though. We still have their pics below, and you’re welcome to check out Miley Cyrus GIFs and Katy Perry GIFs. We’ve also added Lady Gaga on her white horse, even though she didn’t have the decency to go naked. You can check out her scarier outfits here.

So who really rocked the red carpet? Well, some relative unknowns. Aubrey O’Day (of Danity Kane) provided the night’s most charismatic cleavage, but Glee’s Naya Rivera set out to provide epic sideboob. (See more of Naya here.) We also want to give some credit to Sarah Silverman, who wrapped herself up in a tight yellow dress that really provided an uplifting view. Christina Aguilera still seems very proud of her tight new bod (and you can look back at the original fitness via these Christina Aguilera GIFs.)

You’ll also find Brandi Cyrus taking a turn on the red carpet, plus pics of Rihanna standing out in the crowd–and our three favorite shots of Jennifer Lopez flaunting her enduring bod during a wild tribute to Celia Cruz. It’s everything that you didn’t want to miss last night–but maybe you did miss it because of the death of Brian the Dog on Family Guy. Man, that was traumatic. These pics will make you feel better…

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