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Syfy’s “STONADOS” Thrills Us With Dominika Juillet


The notorious Syfy channel has otherworldly storms with Stonados tonight–which includes the otherworldly beauty of sexy new actress Dominika Juillet! Technically, we guess that makes this entry another honorary “See Her Tonight” column–much as Syfy has us doing for Kaitlyn Leeb and Cassie Scerbo. You can’t blame us for wanting to see Dominika Juillet tonight, though. Especially since Stonados is lucky to see the light of a schlocky Saturday night.

Stonados, you see, was originally supposed to come before Sharknado. That changed after the Boston Marathon bombings, though. Syfy wisely yanked the movie from the schedule, since the titular stonados are bringing destruction to that city. And speaking of yanking…

Dominika Juillet is a striking Polish-born gal who, like many actresses who end up on Syfy, spends just as much time working in Canada as in Los Angeles. Canada’s been really good to the brainy beauty, though. The country’s Much Music channel ran a TV-movie that Dominika also wrote called Under The Cover. (That was under her name of Dominika Wolski, which she still uses often enough to cause some confusion.) She also stays busy as a producer.

You can’t blame Dominika for Seattle Superstorm or Dragon Wasps (where she was paired with Corin Nemec), but those movies have helped to make the beautiful blonde a Syfy staple. She’s overdue for a leading role on the network. Dominika is pretty busy as a social activist, though, so maybe she prefers to just drop in and class up the occasional Syfy production. Which is fine with us–although these pics will get you convinced that Dominika could also do wonders for the big screen….

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