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Google Comes Up with the Greatest Way to Honor to Doctor Who: An 8-Bit Doodle Game


It’s baffling that after more than 50 years on the air with such a dedicated fanbase that someone hasn’t tried to release some kind of big budget video game based on the Doctor Who series. Google has fixed that with their newest front page doodle.

Google celebrated the good doctor’s 50th anniversary by turning its iconic logo into a playable, 8-bit style Doctor Who game that lets players control all 11 versions of the infamous Time Lord.

The game may look simple, but it can get incredibly challenging. First, you pick which Doctor you’d like to control. Then you jump in your TARDIS and jet off to a series of strange worlds in which you must collect all six letters spelling “GOOGLE” while staying away from the evil Daleks who are trying to kill you and destroy all of humanity in the process.

This is also one of the most ambitious doodle games that Google has ever made. According to a profile of the game in The Guardian, a small group of five programmers and game designers had just a few months to create, code and build the entire game in time for Doctor Who’s golden anniversary. They not only had to create a tangible game but they had to create one that summed up the entirety of the Doctor Who universe in a single, 8-bit game. If the Nobel Prize people have an award for video games, these guys definitely deserve it the most.

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