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YouTube Prankster Flirts with Stalking By Showing Up at His Facebook Friends’ Houses


Mediocre Films’ Greg Benson came up with an ingenious idea for a comedy reality show in which he would track down the people in his list of Facebook friends on his personal account and just show up to their house to see if they would actually like to be friends in the non-digital world. It’s for an unsold TV pilot called Real Life Facebook.

The model who lives in the medieval castle is definitely a nice friend to have. Sure you can’t hit on her because she’s a mother-to-be and her husband loves to collect dangerous things like rattlesnakes but she lives in a freakin’ castle! It’s even got a moat and a drawbridge. The only way that it could be more like the home I dreamed about when I was a third grader is if it was made completely out of pizza.

Just imagine the hot, rich Facebook friends that we might have living next to us that we never bothered to seek out in person. Sure, doing so may technically be stalking but it still presents some interesting possibilities as long as the person we’re trying to meet isn’t armed or the owner of large packs of attack dogs.

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