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You Know You Don’t Want To, But You’re Going To Try This Cinnabon-Flavored Vodka Anyways


Pinnacle, who also produces the delightful varieties of whipped cream vodka, rainbow sherbet vodka, and strawberry shortcake vodka, is adding a cinnamon roll-flavored vodka to you diabetic needs. Because as you know from the last time you were at the mall and saw a line 8 obese people deep that the next brilliant innovation is mixing Cinnabon with booze. Win-win for everyone, right? Wrong. The amount of sugar that’s in one bottle is probably enough to kill a horse.

What’s that? A 750-milliliter bottle is only going to be priced at $12.99? Just hook it up to my vains. Poppa needs a taste.

And by “taste,” I of course mean “down it within an hour and go cry in a corner by yourself shortly after from the shame”. This will be the perfect nightcap after we ingest a $500 milkshake that we also need in our lives.

COED Writer