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Today Is The One Year Anniversary Of The #ButtFumble [VIDEO]


A play that will live…in infamy. Well, at least among New York Jets fans.

Thanksgiving night in 2012 is when the NYJ showed up at home to face their division rivals the New England Patriots. And I say “showed up” because that’s pretty much all they did. The Jets didn’t even come close to competing against the Patriots as it was an embarrassing 35-3 after the first half and a 49-19 victory for New England in the end. The highlight is obviously this excuse for professional athletics: The Butt Fumble. Where Vince Wilfork picks up and trashes his offensive counterpart into the quarterback and the rest is pure folklore.

Best part about all of this? Butt Fumble has it’s own Wikipedia page. Seriously.

The legend of Mark Sanchez will never die. No matter how long he’s past his USC glory days.

  • COED Writer