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Taryn Manning on “Hawaii Five-0” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Taryn Manning on Hawaii Five-0

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

We’re not sure if sexy new actress Taryn Manning actually counts as a sexy new actress anymore. She’s finally getting a real reputation–mostly courtesy of Orange is the New Black, where the blonde beauty goes dark as a particularly psycho inmate in a women’s prison. We like shows set in women’s prisons, of course. That reminds us that Taryn Manning first got the attention of See Her Tonight when she showed up behind bars in an episode of Burn Notice.

Taryn had already turned up in Sons of Anarchy back then. She’d also done a few turns on Hawaii Five-0. (Also amazing on Hawaii Five-0: Lauren German, Taylor Cole, and Miss Behati Prinsloo.) Taryn returns to that show tonight as Steve McGarrett’s younger sister. Taryn’s character has really gotten herself together on that show over the years. It’s also a Thanksgiving episode, in case you’ve ever wanted to spend that holiday on the islands.

You’ll be able to enjoy the troubled and trashy Taryn a lot more on the next season of Orange is the New Black. Taryn’s character is returning as a regular on the second season. That’ll come as a big relief to her fans who weren’t even sure if she survived the first season.  And, of course, Taryn is still busy fronting her band BoomKAT and working as a fashion designer with Born Uniqorn. You can keep up with all that via Taryn’s chatty Twitter account–but for now, let’s enjoy Taryn’s amazing body of work…

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