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Surplus Poplulation Alert: Antonio Cromartie Did Not Get A Vasectomy


Last week we reported (along with everyone else) that Antonio Cromartie–NYJ cornerback and proud father of at least 10 kids–underwent a vasectomy to prevent the further spreading of his seed. A sad, sad day for mankind. Or so we thought…

Now Antonio is denying his and claims his fertility is as boisterous as ever (loved how I described how he could still knock babes up). Will there be opportunities for the Jets star to spread his seed? Absolutely. In fact, scientific numbers are rolling in that this change of news may affect the future of the planet as we know it. Right now there are about 6 billion + people on Earth. If Antonio goes just another 20 years at his current pace, experts place the world population in 2033 at around 94 trillion. May God help us all.

Father Cromartie trying to name all of his kids, including about five 3-year-olds, is hands down one of my favorite YouTube videos of all-time. God bless these Internets.

  • COED Writer