Elena Sanchez: The “HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE” Kick-Ass Beauty

There’s one sexy new actress that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt on the Hunger Games set. Elena Sanchez is in Hunger Games: Catching Fire as a former District 8 victor named Cecelia, and we’re celebr8ting an overdue splashy role for one of Hollywood’s sexiest stuntwomen.

Yes, it’s no secret that we’re fond of stuntwomen. Just get a gander at Monique Ganderton. Elena still might be the stuntwoman that we’ve seen the most of over the years. She’s shown up climbing a Ferris Wheel in Texas Chainsaw 3D and getting tossed around a cornfield in Looper. Elena also took a dive for Ashley Judd at the start of Olympus Has Fallen.

Of course, that was always Elena doubling for other actresses. Elena Sanchez is standing out by herself in the new Hunger Games movie, though. She isn’t even there to save the production some money by doubling with some stunt work. Elena is a serious actress who just happened to have the necessary gymnast skills to start out working as a professional tough gal.

We’re very happy to see that Hunger Games is giving Elena some real career momentum. You’ll see her alongside Nadine Velazquez in the upcoming comedy Aztec Warrior. She also has a role in the upcoming Russian gangster movie Tokarev. You can keep track of all this via Elena on Twitter–where she regularly shows off that she’s a dame with beauty, brawn, and brains. We’re proud to say that we’re not intimidated by that kind of gal, and we invite you in bravely ogling Elena now before checking her out on the big screen…

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