Celtics ‘Dancing Kid’ Viral Video Puts Bon Jovi Song Back On Billboard Top 100 [VIDEO]

Jon Bon Jovi fans are getting a bit of retribution for hanging on and swearing they’d make it after his hit song Livin’ on a Prayer came back from the pop music graveyard to appear on the Billboard charts. However, it’s the way it happened that’s garnering so much attention or disgust depending on how you feel about Bon Jovi’s music.

Jeremy Fry has been a long time Boston Celtics’ fan and he’s gained his reputation in Beantown by becoming the team’s “Dancing Kid” who regularly gets up during the game to lip-sync the lyrics of a song and dance his scrawny legs off for the fans. He did just that recently with Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, a song that seems a little inappropriate for a team that’s struggling to hang on to its third place ranking in its division.

Fry’s impressive performance made its way to the web where it went viral as most good videos do that don’t involve cats boxing or monkeys smoking something they shouldn’t. However, it had an effect that reached far beyond the nation’s productivity level. According to Variety, the video alone helped put Livin’ on a Prayer back on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, despite the fact that it premiered more than 26 years ago. In fact, it didn’t just appear on the tail end of the list. It finished 25th on the Hot 100 list.

Please Internet, the next time you decide to bring an old song back to prominence through a viral video, can we at least pick one that doesn’t suck?

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