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The Burgundy is Back: Ron Burgundy Performs Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s New Campaign Song


Anchorman 2‘s Ron Burgundy appeared on last night’s Conan with his hair and mustache. Naturally, the trio did not disappoint. That’s mostly thanks to the surprising revelation, however, is that he’s getting into politics in a way that only Ron Burgundy could. He told host Conan O’Brien that he’s been asked by the campaign to re-elect Toronto mayor and Narcotic Aficionado magazine cover model Rob Ford to perform a special song to get the word out about his 2014 re-election bid.

Since O’Brien has a live band performing on his show, Burgundy couldn’t resist the chance to get up and jam. Get out your griddles because here’s some ham and eggs coming at ya…

Conan dedicated the majority of his show to catching up with Ron, mostly because Ron said he tried to get on other talk shows like Donahue and Maury Povich but they wouldn’t even return his phone calls.

The two talked about everything from Ron’s new book Let Me Off at the Top! to his appearances in commercials for the Dodge Durango and the surprising revelation that he thinks it is just a “terrible car” before he jumped in with the band to perform a literally breathtaking jazz flute solo. It would have been one of the most honest and heartfelt interviews on Conan’s new late night show if Ron could have actually remembered Conan’s name.

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