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Celebrate the Great American Smokeout With 100 Sexy Smoking Girls


The Great American Smokeout is the special day that people are supposed to give up cigarettes for 24 hours–with the American Cancer Society┬áhoping that smokers will say, “Hey, that was easy!” and give up demon tobacco for the rest of their lives. We think of the Great American Smokeout as that special day where we lie to our readers about participating in the Great American Smokeout. You never check up on us, and we really appreciate that.

Anyway, we’re very fond of smoking gals here at COED. You can rest assured that we never miss the chance to include pics of a hot babe like, say, Daryl Hannah working a cigarette. But the fact remains that cigarettes are bad for you, and we will not mock the Great American Smokeout–especially since we’re pretty sure that the idea is to just give up tobacco.

That leaves us with an exciting alternative to smoking the finest products of companies like Philip Morris and British American Tobacco. We are referring, of course, to the humble reefer that comes so round, so full, so firmly packed with soothing leaves of marijuana. That’s right–we’re talking about maryjane, chiba, herbage, hooba. And we’re especially talking about marijuana when it’s smoked by ladies who are themselves quite round and full and firmly packed.

So put down that evil Big Tobacco and lift a spliff to these beautiful babes who–like ourselves–are just saying no to the evils of cigarettes. At least for today, and then we’ll see how things work out from there. It’s one day at a time around here, except when it comes to addictively alluring babes…

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