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Bar Rafaeli on “Project Runway Allstars” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Bar Rafaeli onĀ Project Runway Allstars

(9:o0 PM EST, Lifetime)

Timelessly sexy model Bar Rafaeli is a special guest judge on tonight’s episode of Project Runway Allstars on the Lifetime network–and, no, it doesn’t take a Bar Rafaeli to get See Her Tonight to cover a show on the womanly Lifetime network. We’ve proudly ogled Rebecca Mader on Drop Dead Diva, and Ellie Decker on The Witches of East End–as well as Witches star Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Anyway, we mention that Bar Rafaeli is a timelessly sexy gal because tonight’s very special episode of Project Runway Allstars is also a promotion for Lifetime’s upcoming Bonnie & Clyde telemovie. So you’re in for a really exciting show if you’re a big fan of 1930s fashion. Or maybe a big fan of sexually dysfunctional guys who hook up with pioneering emo girls with a knack for bad prison poetry.

But it’s okay if you’re just a Bar Rafaeli fan wanting to see what she’s wearing tonight. Nothing wrong with that. Even the executives at Lifetime won’t mind. We tend to be more interested in what Bar Rafaeli isn’t wearing, but that’s because we’re guys, and she’s supposed to be dressing for women and undressing for us.

And by “us,” we specifically mean the COED staff–especially now that Bar has had some surgery to fix her disfiguring birthmark. See for yourself here, and then see more of the old Bar in these (somehow still beautiful) pics…

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