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Ad Encouraging Girls To Be Engineers Is What’s Hot On The Internet Streets [VIDEO]


6 million+ views in just 3 days? Yeah, you can say this is what’s going on in the world right now.

Goldiebox is the product being featured that is trying to encourage girls to break away from their dresses and tea parties and venture into the world of engineering. Because nothing says “let’s shatter the stereotypes” with an advertisement emphasizing those stereotypes even more. Yes, it’s trying to get the girls away from the “girly” lifestyle, but why are the impressive engineering feats they’re accomplishing being done with solely teapots and baby dolls? Get some real life action in there.

Go out in the streets and start surveying a highway or something, ladies. The more realistic it is, the less trite it seems. Then again, what do I know. The Internets and the world in general are going gaga over this advertisement so whatever works I suppose.

But how about them semi-butchering the Beastie Boys? Can’t change up a classic. Adam Yauch is rolling in his grave.

COED Writer