A Bunch of Harvard Snobs Punk’d Yale By Giving Fake Tours of Their Rival’s Campus


College rivalries can get down right mean with so much pride on the line. The battle for greatness between Harvard and Yale officially crossed into “World War” territory when a Harvard student staged a phony tour of Yale complete with snide, underhanded commentary.

The satirical Harvard comedy group On Harvard Time came up with a rather ingenious way to prank their rival by pretending to be a Yale student and offering free tours to anyone passing by the New Haven, Conn. school with more than enough time on their hands to walk around the campus. They also filmed it for their student body’s amusement.

We’re sure that the folks at Yale took all the ribbing with good spirit. If the tables were turned, Harvard would do the same thing. After all, there’s no rivalry that can’t be temporarily quelled by a good ol’ college keg party.

The ribbing, however, might feel a tad heavy handed to an outsider and the unintended target of this spoof might be Harvard themselves. Picking on another college’s style of architecture and the arbitrary attractiveness of the students feels like you’re wielding a brick instead of a sharp sword in terms of satire. In the end, the Harvard student giving the tour just perpetuates the myth that Harvard’s students are all just blue-blooded elitists who think their own spit isn’t good enough to throw at people they see as inferior to themselves.

After all, former President George W. Bush got into both Yale and Harvard. So who’s to say which school is better anyway?

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