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Sports Reporter Films Getting Trucked By High School Football Team [VIDEO]


Never in history has there been an individual so giddy to get stampeded. This man loves his football.

David Amador is the unfortunate soul behind the camera. “Touchdown Dave” is in charge of High School Sports Magazine, a publication that covers Texas high school football and touts his coverage with being the most up close and personal. Well, here he proves his worth with not only stating his nickname (that only someone below 12 should have), but also by going in the trenches to give the fans what they want. Touchdown Dave is just lucky 400-pound running back Big Tone wasn’t coming out of that helmet. That would’ve been deadly.

So did the first gentleman say “Nice purple shirt” or “Nice nipples, sir”? I don’t care what actually came out–the latter is what I choose to hear.

COED Writer