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Reasons Why You Do And Don’t Need the PlayStation 4 Right Now


Review by Phil Villarreal. Phil is an authorblogger and Twitterer. The system and games were provided by publishers for review.

Sony’s sexy new game console, the PlayStation 4, wants to bash in your living room wall like the Kool-Aid Man and make itself at home. The $400 ninja assassin boasts eyeball-melting graphics, a sick amount of raw gaming horsepower and the ability to wipe away all the sadness that remains from the time Santa broke his promise to bring you a PlayStation 2 for Christmas.

Just one look at the dream machine and you just know you need one. Right? Right? Well, yes. Or maybe no. It depends on what you’re looking for and how badly you need it immediately. Read on to find out whether or not getting a PS4 is worth putting off this month’s rent.

COED Writer
Watches movies and games for work, then watches more movies and plays more games on his downtime. A movie and video game critic since 2001, Phil is the author of Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel, Stormin' Mormon and Zeta Male. Twitter: @philvillarreal