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Lizzy Caplan on “The League” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Lizzy Caplan on The League

(10:30 PM EST, FXX)

Yes, we’ve looked at sexy actress Lizzy Caplan before here at See Her Tonight, but we can’t neglect her in the season finale of The League–which just happens to be a show that also often features the lovely Nadine Velazquez, whose birthday we just celebrated with plenty of hot pics. This column keeps an eye on The League, anyway, since the outstanding comedy has also graced us with outstanding gals like Chrissy Ballesteros and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton.

But this is our first looking at Lizzy Caplan since she’s taken off on Showtime’s Masters of Sex–where she plays pioneering sex researcher Virginia Johnson. It isn’t often that we get to see a quirky cutie like Lizzy get properly showcased in sex scenes. Masters of Sex has done a lot to make up for that–although we also want to give a lot of credit to True Blood for showing us lots of Lizzy’s true bod.

Fans of The League, of course, probably became big fans of Lizzy over her work on the cultish comedy Party Down. That’s cool, too. We’d probably be geeking out over Lizzy’s appearance in Cloverfield if we ever met her, and that movie’s over five years old now. We’d also be proudly geeking out over Lizzy’s sex appeal. Her character on The League isn’t particularly sexy tonight, but these pics will make up for that–and you should watch the show, anyway, if you can find FXX on your cable system. Seriously, that’s not doing the show any favors…

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