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Ellie Goulding: 30 Reasons We’d See Her In Concert [PHOTOS]


It’s a big week for Ellie Goulding, what with announcing a brand-new headlining concert tour this Spring in the wake of the pop star landing “Mirror” on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. We’re happy for the gal. Maybe we could’ve done without her work with Skrillex, but Ellie’s showing some good taste by having Rudimental opening the dates on her new tour. Also, we like to see Ellie Goulding in concert because she really packs in a crowd of heated young lesbians. You’re also likely to see Kristen Stewart, in news that can’t possibly be related.

Ellie’s turning into a hot alternative sex symbol, too. She can look kind of awkward in flashy outfits, but that’s just because Ellie’s a built blonde gal who seems to mainly exercise onstage. That works a little better for Iggy Pop–but then, we don’t care about Iggy maintaining his curves. Ellie seems to prefer rocking her skimpy outfits while rocking out onstage.

┬áThat’s really fun to watch. The only problem is that it’s not easy to tear our eyes away from the fun of watching heated young lesbians having fun watching Ellie Goulding. There have been a few nights where we’ve thought the promoters should just sell tickets to watch Ellie Goulding’s audience.

Anyway, “Mirrors” is a nice minimalist track with lyrics that are a little too painfully spot-on for a Hunger Games soundtrack. Young gals won’t mind that, though. We’re still pretty excited at the idea that there’ll be a new Ellie Goulding album in 2014. For now, we’ll anticipate that tour and see which venues have seats that look down at the audience. You won’t look down at Ellie’s admirers after you check out these pics…

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