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Clemson Marching Band Rocks Out With Nintendo Themed Halftime Show [VIDEO]


Warning: Nostalgia overload.

We’ve seen some impressive marching band performances this year, most notably the Ohio State’s finest moonkwalking their way to the top in their Michael Jackson tribute. However, this Clemson Tigers halftime show is hereby considered just as good, perhaps better. Why better? Anything that incorporates Super Mario Bros. or The Legend Of Zelda automatically gets it’s grade bell curved up at least 2 levels. Don’t argue with me, those are just the facts. Plus the sound effects directly from the games may give it the ultimate edge.

Can’t wait to see the follow up to this halftime video game jam. All we need is our man Smooth McGroove leading the way as the drum major and this video would be the definition of perfection.

  • COED Writer