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Car Companies, Stop Trying to Be Clever In your Commercials Like This Car Parts Campaign


Car companies and ad agencies have been trying to do something that’s really not necessary with their commercials: entertain us. It’s a waste of time and resources. You sell cars, a piece of technology so interesting and cool that they can entertain us just by having something on the screen to drool at for three or more minutes.

One car parts company in the UK, however, went out of their way to get noticed–and they did it by acting like raging, self-important, chauvinistic douchebags, according to Metro.

An online car parts retailer called clearly wanted to tap into that all-important male demographic and they did so by demeaning the other half of their customer base: women. They set up a PR campaign that detailed fake designs for the ideal “woman proof car” for the female driver who didn’t know what to do with her keys once she got in the car or couldn’t remember if the pedals operated the engine and brakes or the stereo and the vanity mirror.

The design offered extra strong bumpers in case of minor accidents that are bound to happen if the driver has ovaries and a rotating interior so the poor woman could easily parallel park without bumping into other cars or parking wide enough away from the curb to stick another car in there. Then just to put an extra layer of insult on a very demeaning cake, they painted the thing in white and hot pink to make it look like a Good ‘N Plenty on wheels, so her fellow drivers could see her coming behind if she was driving in from another state.

The company claimed it was all meant to be “slightly tongue in cheek.” They just didn’t specify what kind of cheek they meant to put their customers’ tongues in when they created the ad campaign.

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