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Trivia Tuesday: Miss COED Edition–Volume 1 [PHOTOS]


As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been posting “Trivia Tuesday” for some time now. While it was originally meant to be a refresher for everyone heading out to the bars to play trivia, somewhere along the lines we began heading to one of our favorite Tumblrs, “Facts and Chicks” for the content.

You can’t really blame us, though, because associating hot women with random stats/facts is a great way to ensure that your brain is paying attention.

But now we’re going to take it a step further. We’ve talked to the creator of “Facts and Chicks,” @GustoNYC and asked for his permission to make our own version of the world-famous images. Because being a Miss COED is about more than just stimulating your eyes, here are some sexy and smart Miss COEDs to help develop your brain as well.

Models: Elizabeth Deo, Amanda Z, Rachel Aurie, Karla Laureen

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