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Playboy Playmate Shera Bechard: The Gal Who Made “Selfie” The Word of the Year [PHOTOS]


“Selfie” has been chosen as word of the year by the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary–beating out words like “bitcoin” and “twerk.” But who started the selfies that beat out all the competition? That would be sexy Playboy Playmate Shera Béchard. This bright blonde created the #FriskyFriday selfie craze that helped to make Playboy models the hottest thing on Twitter. Yes, we know that Playboy models would’ve already been popular on Twitter. The fact remains that Shera Béchard is the marketing genius whose #FriskyFriday helped create one of Twitter’s hottest trends.

We’re not kidding about Shera being a genius, either. Just check out this article on her Genius Visa (which includes some non-selfies.)  She’s one of Playboy’s brightest models, and her Twitter account has even more to offer than sexy selfies. You won’t find many other Playboy models extolling the virtues of Doritos and other snack cakes. Shera’s also a genuine geek gal. It was pretty great to read her outrage when she made a puzzled reference to Yoda, and then had to deal with followers who thought she didn’t know the character.

But nothing makes Shera more of a guy’s guy than her invention of #FriskyFriday. She understood Twitter better than Playboy’s marketing team. We’re not sure why Shera isn’t running Playboy right now. She could be working at COED, but we can’t even pay her in these “bitcoins” that everyone’s talking about. Maybe we could pay her in “twerks.” Anyway, now it’s time to pay some attention to Shera Béchard’s important contribution to Western Civilization. Pioneering has never looked more beautiful. And then you can check out other important selfies–from the likes of Hooters Girls, SnapChat Gals, and Heidi Klum

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