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Kayne West’s “Bound 2” Video Features a Nearly Naked Kim Kardashian, Well, Sort Of


Every time Kanye West is about to release a new song or video particularly one starring his wife Kim Kardashian, there could not be more hype surrounding it if it was set to premiere before the screening of the newest Star Wars movie in a theater owned by Donald Trump.

The hype surrounding the video for his new song Bound 2 was no exception. Rumors started to surface that Kanye’s wife and inexplicable career-haver Kim Kardashian would not only appear in the video but she’d also be (gasp!) naked! Guys around the world were not only excited at the thought of being able to see the reality star in a tasteful nude shot that wasn’t recorded on a grainy, night vision camera but they were also excited to finally see the reason (or rather, reasons) why she has a career.

The video premiered on a recent episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to finally put all that hype to rest and it’s clear that it wasn’t really needed in the first place. Yes, she’s probably naked and while we didn’t expect to see “the full Monty” in a professional video shoot, it still leaves a lot to our imaginations, which clearly are lacking in the first place if we’re waiting with baited breath to see her naked in a Kanye West video.

The two spent the entire time riding a motorcycle in a suggestive way that implies something our Freudian soaked brains are probably already thinking about. Then on top of it, we get to hear this really weird Kanye song that sounds like he tried to cram a light country tune into an R&B ballad with his slower than usual rapping draped over it like a cake with a slapdash icing job. Come to think of it, seeing Kim’s nearly naked body dressed up a cake with a slapdash icing job would have been a major improvement

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