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Interactive Bob Dylan Video Is Most Creative Thing The Internet Has Ever Produced [VIDEO]


Think of the most epic adjective ever (besides epic, of course) and it still does not even come close to describing this interactive video. Taking an awesome song and having it seamlessly sung by multiple TV personalities and cultural figures needs to become a new thing, Internet. That’s not a request, that’s an order. It may not be easy to top Bob Dylan’s iconic Like A Rolling Stone but anything is possible. Because if I don’t see Gimmie Shelter being word spoken by my favorite Sportscenter anchor this time next month there’s going to be some serious problems.

Objective top 3 shows to watch throughout the song: History Channel, Sports Channel (essentially ESPN) and CBS with The Price Is Right. Only thing better would be Bob Barker shaking it down the Showcase Showdown.

I wish I was kidding when I say I watched the first 2 minutes of Pawn Stars on here not thinking this was set up. No, my parents are not proud of me.

  • COED Writer