Do You Think You Can Tackle This 400 Pound High School Running Back? [VIDEO]

Next stop, Truck City! All aboard!! CHOO-CHOO!!!

At 6’4″ and 400 pounds, Tony Picard of White Swan high school in Washington is considered to be the largest running back in the nation – possibly ever. As you can see in the highlights, “Big Tone” essentially mammoths over his teammates and the competition on the field. People probably don’t realize just how HUGE 400 pounds is, especially when you are forced to tackle that boulder coming at you at full speed with all of his momentum behind him. Must be terrifying. It’s like watching a player you created in Madden with the maximum size but can run just as fast as Barry Sanders in his prime.

All in all, with his great attitude and larger than life heart which is inevitabely putting in overtime like a 1950’s factory worker, Big Tone may have solidified a spot on COED’s fake football starting roster. All he has to do is beat out our 8-year-old prodigy for the starting spot at running back. Easier said than done. Nobody overtakes Baby Beastmode.

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